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Healthy Dining Finder Recognizes Casa de Pico


Casa de Pico

Casa de Pico was recently featured on Healthy Dining Finder for delicious and low-calorie entrees!

Did you know that our Healthy Dining menu offers meals as low as 268 calories? Try our Fiesta Fajitas, full of vegetables sautéed with achiote sauce and served on soft tortillas with black beans and rice. Arroz con Pollo a la Mexicana is a chicken breast with bell peppers, tomatoes and onions, served with Mexican rice, black beans and tortillas. Other selections include delicious Grilled Fish Tacos, Ensalada de Camarones or Black Bean Burrito.

If you’re still on track with your 2014 resolution to eat healthy, continue your journey at Casa de Pico.

To view our Healthy Dining menu, visit our website.

Sizzling Selections for Healthy Eating in 2014


Happy New Year from our family at Casa de Pico! If you’re among the millions of Americans fighting to be fitter in 2014, you’ll be happy to know you don’t have to quit eating out. Our talented chef has prepared a number of authentic Mexican entrees bursting with flavor, that won’t ruin your resolutions!

Our delicious Grilled Fish Tacos weigh in at 540 calories and come with two soft tacos with grilled fish, shredded cabbage and creamy jalapeño lime sauce, served with pico de gallo and black beans. Our Chicken Fajita Salad will satisfy your taste buds, offering greens and sautéed chicken fajitas with tomatoes and onions, served in a crispy flour tortilla with guacamole – and only has 435 calories.

To top it off, sip one of our refreshing and frosty skinny margaritas, with under 100 calories! Who says eating healthy can’t be a “fiesta”?

To view more of our healthy selections, see our full menu here.

Eat Healthy at Casa de Pico


Healthy options can be few and far between when dining out – but not at Casa de Pico!

Two of our favorite dishes off the Healthy Dining Menu were recently featured on Healthy Dining Finder. The Grilled Chicken and Avocado Tacos – two soft tacos served with pico de gallo and black beans – were recommended as Healthy Dining Options at Mexican Restaurants. Our Ensalada de Camerones – a fresh salad with grilled shrimp, avocado, gorgonzola cheese and tomatoes, tossed with a cilantro lime dressing – was also suggested as a way to enjoy healthy barbeque without creating a mess at home.

Guests can feel good when eating with us. With several healthy and delicious selections traditional Mexican dishes, there is something for everyone at Casa de Pico.




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