Grossmont Center Fountain. Image from

Grossmont Center Fountain. Image from

It’s almost the weekend, and we’ll bet that you’ve got a ton of errands to run. With Grossmont Center being home to dozens of shops and services, it’s a convenient location to get several things crossed off your list at once. With proper planning, you can be in and out in an hour or two and still have time for a little fun!

First, run into Anna’s Linens and return those bed sheets you decided were the wrong color (darn!). As you finish putting away your receipt, stroll across the way to Barnes & Noble and grab that magazine you’ve been eyeing all week and a book on trains for your nephew’s birthday. Head down a little further and check out movie times. That new action flick would be perfect for date night tonight!

You’re desperately in need of some new jeans, so you’ll have to try on a few pairs at Macy’s to get the best fit. Might as well try on a few tops while you’re at it, right? Once your new outfit is complete, head to the fragrance counter for a new bottle of your favorite scent.

Drop off your watch to get the battery replaced at Time Zone, then go freshen up your toes with a pedicure (this is the perfect time to read that magazine, ladies!) or take a few moments to relax with a well-deserved massage. You’ve been busy today!

Now that you’ve worked up an appetite, it’s time to meet up with your special someone for an early dinner at Casa de Pico. With a satisfying selection of appetizers and entrées, we’re sure to have the right flavors to fit your mood. Enjoy your favorite dish with our famous birdbath margarita as you relish in the San Diego sun on our beautiful outdoor patio. After finishing up that fried ice cream you’ve been craving all week, it’s movie time!

It’s been a fun and productive day at Grossmont Center. With so many things to do, Casa de Pico is proud to call La Mesa’s favorite shopping mall home. We hope to see you again soon!